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School begins on Wednesday, August 10, 2016.  Our School start and end times have changed for the 2016-2017 school year.  School will begin at 8:30 and release at 3:10 Monday through Friday. Students may begin arriving NO earlier than 8:20.  Students will be let into the building at 8:20. Students will be marked tardy at 8:31.  If a scholar is tardy, they and their parent/guardian should report to the front foyer to receive a tardy slip from the Community Advocate.  Students will receive free breakfast and lunch again this school year.  I am excited to inform you that we have also been awarded the healthy snack grant again for the afternoons Monday through Thursday!

Student Arrival Process:

Arrival Vision:

Each morning we expect that students arrive to school feeling joy and excitement. We strive to create an arrival structure that is safe and predictable for all students and runs smoothly with minimal direct support from adults. In order to accomplish this vision, we have created a clearly designed vision of what arrival should look like from the moment a student steps foot on the Minnequa Campus until they are in Bright Work locations.

Morning Timeline Snapshot:

  • 8:10- Custodian and designee places cones in the drop off loop and begins monitoring the drop off loop and exit right turn only area

  • 8:20-8:30 Student Arrival

  • 8:20 Designee opens main door and Kdg. Room 2 door and remains in the threshold.

  • Specialist Teachers begin duties in the Cafeteria and Gym.

  • Community Advocate is available for uniform violations in the health room.

  • 8:20-8:30 Students begin to arrive and move to the Gym (3rd, 4th and 5th grade students) and the cafeteria (Kdg., 1st and 2nd grade students) to begin Bright Work.

  • 8:31- Doors are shut and tardy signs are placed in sight. Tardy slips will be given in the front foyer.

Building Threshold Greeting:

Every Morning students are greeted with a friendly handshake and “good morning” at the building threshold and upon entering their classroom by their classroom teacher. This is done to start each scholar’s day off in a positive way and build relationships with every student.

Bright Work:

Bright Work time is an opportunity for students to start their day off in a calm, academically focused manner. Students are code switching and preparing for the learning to come. Our morning is purposefully designed to start every day in the strongest way possible for all scholars.

As students enter the cafeteria or gym in the morning, they will take out their AVID binder and work on their Bright Work. It is ESSENTIAL that all students are prepared with their AVID binder everyday. These binders and or folders will be sent home everyday and should be returned every morning.

Bus Student Arrival (Busing is only provided to students through ESS as determined by an IEP team):

Students arriving on the bus will be greeted by a staff member who will escort them to the student greeting area. This ensures a safe and consistent transition for all bus students’ arrival.


To ensure that all children have equal access to school supplies, the school will utilize Title I funding to purchase school supplies for student use. Parents are responsible for purchasing a backpack for their child. If parents would like to donate tissue, antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizer, baby wipes for art, or any other donation, we gladly accept and appreciate the donations.

Uniform Vision:

At Minnequa Elementary all students are expected to wear uniforms each day while in the building. The uniforms are designed to create a sense of a cohesive community connection to Minnequa, a sense of identity and community. Additionally, the uniforms have proven to reduce distractions and inequities that arise from individual selected dress allowing all students to feel valued while keeping students focused on the rigorous learning occurring throughout the day. At Minnequa we are preparing students for lifelong success, wearing a uniform in elementary school sets a standard for personal care that will benefit students in future endeavors.

What it Looks Like:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday- Minnequa Shirt or blue, white or black polo- Shirts can be purchased at the SPIRIT STORE-4225 N Elizabeth, Pueblo, CO 81008. We will NO LONGER sale the shirts at Minnequa. You can also purchase hoodies and jackets as well as college shirts and dress clothes at the Spirit Store!

Thursday- Dress for Success Day

Friday- College Shirt Day

Shirts and Bottoms:

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, students are expected to wear a Minnequa t-shirt, or a blue, black or white polo at all times while in the building, additionally they may wear a Minnequa pull-over or zip up hoodie over their Minnequa shirt or polo. All are available for purchase at Imprinted Sportswear.

On Thursday, students are expected to wear Dress for Success Clothing.  Girls may dress in skirts, dresses or slacks.  Boys may dress in slacks with a polo, a button down shirt and a tie.

On Friday, Students may wear a college shirt to school.

It is expected that students follow the school dress code.  

Pants, jeans, skirts, and shorts must be worn at the student’s waistline, sagging is not allowed.

Shorts and skirts must be at fingertip length (with hands to side) or longer.

Students in skirts can wear white, black, gray or navy blue tights (free of pattern) or shorts below.


Basic tennis shoes or dress shoes are required.  All students must wear tennis shoe on PE days. Students may keep their tennis shoes in their backpack to change into on PE days.

Students are not allowed to wear shoes with wheels.


Uniforms should be well kept, free of rips, markings, and stains.

If parent/guardian wishes to label clothing it should be inside of the uniform, not visible from the outside.

Spirit Days:

Periodically we have spirit days.  Students are expected to dress in spirit wear.  Should they choose not to participate, they are expected to wear their Minnequa uniform.

What it Feels Like:

Staff, students and parents are knowledgeable about the uniform expectations.

All staff, students and parents share responsibility for upholding uniform expectations. Students feel included and part our Minnequa Community.

Dress Code Procedures

What it Looks Like:

Between 8:20 and 8:30 students enter the building at two entry points, the main entrance and the Kdg. entrance.

At each entrance, an adult will greet students by name and shake their hand.  

The adult will check each scholar’s uniform.  

If the student is meeting dress code they proceed to the Gym (3rd, 4th and 5th grade) or Cafeteria (Kdg., 1st and 2nd grade).

If the student is not in uniform:

The child will receive a uniform violation slip and will proceed to the health room where a staff member will call the child’s parents to bring a uniform shirt, problem solve to ensure that the child has what they need, and if needed provide a loaner shirt for the day.

The phone call will be documented in Infinite Campus.

Scholars will then proceed to the Gym or Cafeteria.

Although student uniforms are checked in the morning, it is a shared responsibility of all staff members to address uniform violations throughout the day. All staff will be vigilant, addressing uniform violations in all environments for all students.

What it Feels Like:

Staff, students and parents are knowledgeable about the uniform expectations.

All staff, students and parents share responsibility for upholding uniform expectations.



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