2017-2018 Parent Engagement Survey

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Please take this 5-10 minute survey to provide valuable feedback to our team!  

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School Messenger 9/10/17

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Good Evening Lil’ Cat Families.  

We hope that you have had a restful weekend!   I would like to send a shoutout to our amazing Lil Cats!  In four days, our scholars contributed over $400.00 for the Texas hurricane victims.  A community member has  generously decided to match the contribution for our donation to the Red Cross bringing the contribution to over $800.00. We had scholars bring in their piggy bank savings, spare change, and anything that they could to help.  This is a great display of empathy which is a positive trait of emotional intelligence.  Mrs. Martinez’s class donated $150.00!  Way to go Kindergartners!

On Monday this week, we will have a Bronco Spirit Day to kick off the Bronco football season.  Scholars may wear their football shirt or jersey.  If they do not participate they must wear their school uniform for Monday.  

We will kickoff our fall fundraiser of selling spirit cups and popcorn on Monday!  We rely on our funds from this fundraiser to support student activities such as open house, classroom pizza parties, field trips, extended learning opportunities and more!  Please help us raise money for our school during this fundraiser!  Scholars will take a fundraising packet home on Monday!

On Tuesday, we will be holding our first PTCO meeting at 3:30 in the Media Center.  Please come and join us to learn how you can get involved with our carnival, site based decision making, popcorn and pickle sales, santa visit, and volunteering.  We hope to see you there.  Our focus this month will be planning for our Wild West Fest Carnival in October.

Here are some attendance Facts for National School Attendance Awareness Month.

Absenteeism in the first month of school can predict poor attendance throughout the school year. Half the students who miss 2-4 days in September go on to miss nearly a month of school.

By 6th grade, chronic absence becomes a leading indicator that a student will drop out of high school.

When students improve their attendance rates, they improve their academic prospects and chances for graduating.

The Irving Bull Pups beat our Minnequa Lil’ Cats last week in our attendance bell challenge by 4%.  Please make sure your child attends school everyday this week!  Our Minnequa Lil Cat scholars want the bell!

We look forward to seeing everyone back at school this week!  Have a great week!

School Messenger 9/3/17

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Good Evening Lil’ Cat Families.  

This is a reminder that there is no school on Monday due to Labor Day. Enjoy your three day weekend!

I want to send a shout out to our 5th grade scholars for being so respectful to the environment, and the rangers at Beulah Mountain Park last week!  Thank you for sharing the Minnequa Way!  Keep it up!

This month we are celebrating National School Attendance Month!  In honor of National School Attendance Month, any scholar that had perfect attendance last month will receive a small treat this week.  Additionally, we will be celebrating scholars who at school everyday!   Good attendance will help your children do well in high school, college and at work.  Here are some talking points to share with your children.  School is your first and most important job. You’re learning about more than math and reading. You’re learning how to show up for school on time every day, so that when you graduate and get a job, you’ll know how to show up for work on time every day.  Students who attend school regularly are more likely to graduate and find good jobs. In fact, a high school graduate makes, on average, a million dollars more than a dropout over a lifetime. School only gets harder when you stay home too much. Sometimes it’s tempting to stay home because you’ve got too much work or you don’t understand what’s going on in class. But missing a day only makes that worse.  Last month, we had an attendance rate of 92%.  We need to raise our attendance rate to 95%.  Please make sure your scholar is at school every day!

Our Student Ambassador group will be holding a penny drive throughout this week.  The money will go to support Hurricane relief efforts.  A donation will be made on behalf of our Minnequa Scholars.  Please encourage your kiddos to bring some of their spare change to donate to this cause.

On Thursday of this week, we would like to invite you to join Mrs. Stoddard, our school counselor for a coffee talk from eight thirty to nine thirty.  The topic this month will be on supporting scholars with managing stress and behavior supports.  An R.S.V.P will be sent home this week.  Please send this slip back if you are able to join us for this informational coffee talk with the counselor.

On Wednesday, we will have a shelter in place drill in case of a tornado.

On September 16th, we will host a Zumbathon fundraiser.  This is an event for parents and adults only.  The cost is $10.00 and the event will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.  The money will go towards our 21st century school.  Bring your friends and come Zumba with us for a couple of hours.  

Thank you for all of your support!  Have a great week!

Title I

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Minnequa Elementary School receives funding from Title I based on our Free and Reduced Lunch Rate each year.
The funding is used to provide equity in education for all scholars by purchasing school supplies, purchasing additional staff to support Power Hour (Reading Intervention), to provide after school tutoring, to purchase technology, to purchase supplemental curriculum and materials, to provide communication and planners to keep parents involved and aware of what is happening at school, and more.
To learn more about how we utilize our Title I funding or to help us plan for using our Title I funds, please call the office at 719-549-7580.


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Ebooks are now available from any computer with internet access.

Welcome Back Information 2017-2018 School Year

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School begins on Wednesday, August 9, 2017.  Our School start and end times are the same for the 2017-2018 school year.  School will begin at 8:30 and release at 3:10 Monday through Friday.  Scholars may begin arriving no earlier than 8:20 as there is no supervision until 8:20. Scholars will be let into the building at 8:20. Scholars will be marked tardy at 8:31.  If a child is tardy, they should report to the front foyer to receive a tardy slip from the Community Advocate. 

Scholars will receive free breakfast and lunch again this school year.  We are excited to inform you that we have also been awarded the healthy snack grant again for the afternoons Monday through Thursday!

Student Arrival Process:

Arrival Vision:

Each morning we expect that scholars arrive to school feeling joy and excitement. We strive to create an arrival structure that is safe and predictable for all scholars and runs smoothly with minimal direct support from adults. In order to accomplish this vision, we have created a clearly designed vision of what arrival should look like from the moment a student steps foot on the Minnequa Campus until they are in their classrooms.

Morning Timeline Snapshot:

  • 8:20-8:30 Scholar Arrival

  • 8:20 Designee opens gym door and Kdg. Room 2 door, and remains in the threshold.

  • Specialist Teachers begin duties in the Cafeteria and Gym.

  • Community Advocate is available for uniform violations at the front foyer.

  • 8:20-8:30 Scholars begin to arrive and move to the Gym (3rd, 4th and 5th grade students) to work on Bright Work (a silent activity), and the younger scholars move to the cafeteria (Kdg., 1st and 2nd grade students) to begin breakfast.

  • 8:31- Doors are shut. Tardy slips will be given in the front foyer.

Building Threshold Greeting:

Every Morning scholars are greeted with a friendly handshake and “good morning” at the building threshold and upon entering their classroom by their classroom teacher. This is done to start each scholar’s day off in a positive way and build relationships with every student.

Bright Work:

Bright Work (silent activity) time is an opportunity for scholars to start their day off in a calm, academically focused manner. Scholars are code switching and preparing for the learning to come. Our morning is purposefully designed to start every day in the strongest way possible for all scholars.

As scholars enter the cafeteria or gym in the morning, they will take out their AVID binder and work on their Bright Work.

Bus Student Arrival:

Students arriving on the bus will be greeted by a staff member who will escort them to the scholar greeting area. This ensures a safe and consistent transition for all bus students’ arrival.


To ensure that all children have equal access to school supplies, the school will utilize Title I funding to purchase school supplies for student use. Parents are responsible for purchasing a backpack for their child. If parents would like to donate tissue, antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizer, baby wipes for art, or any other donation, we gladly accept and appreciate the donations.

Uniform Vision:

At Minnequa Elementary all scholars are expected to wear uniforms each day while in the building. The uniforms are designed to create a sense of a cohesive community connection to Minnequa, a sense of identity and community. At Minnequa we are preparing students for lifelong success, wearing a uniform in elementary school sets a standard for personal care that will benefit students in future endeavors.

What it Looks Like:

Monday- College Shirt Day

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday- Minnequa Shirt or blue, white or black polo

Friday- Scholars Choice Day

Shirts and Bottoms:

On Monday, Scholars wear a College Shirt. If they do not have a college shirt, one can be purchased at Imprinted Sports Wear!

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, scholars are expected to wear a Minnequa t-shirt, or a blue, black or white polo additionally they may wear a Minnequa pull-over or zip up hoodie over their Minnequa shirt or polo. All are available for purchase at Imprinted Sportswear.

On Friday, Scholars may choose what they want to wear for the day (dress up, etc.). They must follow district dress code as noted in the District Code of Conduct book.

It is expected that scholars follow the school dress code.  

Pants, jeans, skirts, and shorts must be worn at the student’s waistline, sagging is not allowed.

Shorts and skirts must be at fingertip length (with hands to side) or longer.

Scholars in skirts can wear white, black, gray or navy blue tights or shorts below.


Basic tennis shoes or dress shoes are required.  All scholars must wear tennis shoe on PE days. Scholars may keep their tennis shoes in their backpack to change into on PE days.

Scholars are not allowed to wear shoes with wheels.


Uniforms should be well kept, free of rips, markings, and stains.

If parent/guardian wishes to label clothing it should be inside of the uniform, not visible from the outside.

Spirit Days:

Periodically we have spirit days.  Scholars are expected to dress in spirit wear.  Should they choose not to participate, they are expected to wear their Minnequa uniform.

What it Feels Like:

Staff, scholars and parents are knowledgeable about the uniform expectations.

All staff, scholars and parents share responsibility for upholding uniform expectations. Scholars feel included and part our Minnequa Community.

School Safety

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School Safety
Exterior doors at Minnequa Elementary School are locked. All Visitors must press the button ONCE to contact the front office for entry.  After entering the building, all parents/visitors must proceed to the front office to sign-in.
On Red Flag Days (too cold for students to wait outside) ALL students should be dropped off in the front of the building and must enter through the gym.

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